Throughout the evolutional progress people have lost most of their body hair. Because of the lack of this natural protection we have to garb ourselves from the cold in other ways. It was obvious to use other animals’ furs and feathers.

A critical material of both is horn, heat insulating features of them make heat regulation possible. Basic features of the feather strengthens its amazing structure and characterizes perfection and harmony of beauty in form and colour. Part of a feathers structure are its tiny air cells and channels.

Horns good heat insulating features and feathers tiny air cells protects the animal, during sleep on the person, from heat-emission and cold.
Water-fowl feathers are arched and flexible and can keep this flexibility during permanent utilization.

These feathers have hygroscopic features which means its degree of humidity depends on the surrounding humidity.
A bed-linen, filled with water-fowl feathers, is perfectly suitable for taking in humidity when somebody is sleeping.