Today’s most pressing problem how to protect our environment.
Next to the development of sustainable technologies, and the use of renewable materials there is ever greater role in the recycling of many superfluous materials.

According to the ideology of our company the feather by its nature is a renewable regenerative material. We believe that the feather is traditionally environmental friendly material which is able to rejuvenate, so it can be an option to replace the acrylic fibre, which is using fossil materials.

The feather is the oldest and most natural material. This ideology inspired us to create a product line which puts the recycled feather in footlight.

So far, it was good practice that used feathers was washed down and re-used for different products. But therefore these recycled feathers received a lower quality grade, based on their physical and optical properties.
With our individual technology we are using less water and chemicals to clean feather and what is most important that finally the feather’s purity and sterility meets the requirements of Oeko-Tex standard.
Most of the impurities are removed in dry condition, so the used and wasted water can be decreased. And the high-temperature drying process kills all bacteria and parasites. Due to the washing & drying, and the multiple sorting process the feathers and down can possess again their original physical and optical properties.
The impurities which comes from the dry conditioned sorting process are composted by using enzymes and we discharge it to the field. The resulting wastewater – after a cleaning process of course – will be recycled in the technology or we use it for irrigation of the plants.

Why you choose Phoenix Pluma:

– because it is natural
– because it is environmentally friendly
– because it is renewable
– because it does not use environment damaging technology during manufacturing
– because it is hygienic, odour and mite-free
– because it has good filling power
– because every detail of it can be tracked
– because it is 100% recyclable
– because you are also paying attention to the environment
– Because you are a conscious customer!

We specially offer this product line for those customers who turned away from buying feather filled products because of the housing conditions of the goose and duck and the perceived cruelty treating of these animals (like slaughtering and live hand plucking)