Phoenix Pluma

Today’s most pressing problem how to protect our environment.
Next to the development of sustainable technologies, and the use of renewable materials there is ever greater role in the recycling of many superfluous materials.

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Sleep well


It’s obvious that sleeping is an essential part of both animals’ and people’s lives. One of the most important factors determing the quality of our sleep is BEDDING.
Pillows filled with feathe…

Physiology of Feather

Throughout the evolutional progress people have lost most of their body hair. Because of the lack of this natural protection we have to garb ourselves from the cold in other ways. It was obvious to use other animals’ furs and feathers.

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About Goose Breeding

People bred geese in North and Central Europe even in the Neoliticum.
In III-IV. Century B.C. picture presentations show that conscious goose-breeding existed in Syria and Mesopotamia. Egypt imported geese as a tamed animal. These animals pl…